Ludovic Delespierre

young graphic designer deeply connected with sound design field; constantly balanced between visual creation and sonic exploration, i'm looking for a meeting point trough these practices. As the Graphic Design is the lifeblood of my future activity i work for custom purpose, doing my best to give a specific approach regarding to each request in any domain.

Since I don't have any status yet, i cannot handle any paid project but only non commercial ones which can be valuable for me. If you are a music producer, student, or motion designer that needs sound design skills or communication tool for personnal projects, feel free to get in touch.

-Print Design, Flyer, Leaflet.
-Editorial design, Layout Design.
-Logo, Visual Identity, Graphic Chart, Buisness Card.
-Sound Design, Music, Jingles.
-Photo-Editing, Matt-Painting.
-Calligraphy, Custom Lettering, Typography, Custom Font Design.